Ear diseases


The ear region is the only part of the body that has 5 different nerves to their sensitivity, which is why ear pain is considered one of the most intense pain that is capable of feeling human.

External otitis

Otitis externa is inflammation usually from infection of the skin lining the ear canal.

Otitis media

Otitis media is inflammation of the lining of the middle ear. The middle ear or tympanic cavity is the part of the ear behind the eardrum that contains the tiny bones that transmit sound to the cochlea. The ear at this level communicates with the throat through the eustachian tube. When it is closed by inflammation (such as allergies or infections) or cover (adenoid obstruction or tumors) mucus builds up in the ear and can become infected.

Tinnitus / Ringing

Tinnitus tinnitus or better known as drones, are sounds that the patient perceives and generally other people are not able to hear.


The hearing loss is a problem that can occur from newborns to elders and their origin can be anything from an infection to medication side effects, hereditary diseases, noise damage, etc..


Cerumen or earwax is a substance that is produced by a specialized glands in the ear canal, your goal is to protect the same skin infections, foreign bodies, etc..

Vertigo / Dizziness

The inner ear is responsible for registering the nerve impulses responsible for the sound but also the balance. Vertigo or dizziness may be caused by any disease or condition affecting the balance system either eye level, the ability to sense the position of the body or ear