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Throat Surgeries

Tonsillectomy and Adeoidectomía

The tonsils (tonsillitis) and adenoid tissue defense are located in our throat. However they can be the cause of recurrent infections and severe obstruction of the airways that produce mouth breathing, snoring, difficulty breathing, sinusitis and otitis in children.

When deciding to make a tonsil surgery is to remove them because the benefit is much greater than the continuing changes in the quality of life of patients already mentioned. It is the most frequently performed surgery in otolaryngology and unlike conventional techniques there are a number of new technologies that allow recovery much faster and less painful. It is an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia. If you think you or your child may have this problem contact us, we are here to serve.

Surgery for snoring and somnoplasty

This operation not only refers to a procedure, depends apnea causes surgeries that can be applied. For example, if the cause of respiratory distress is at the level of the nose may be required rhinoplasty, septoplasty or turbinate surgery. If the obstruction is at the level of the nasopharynx may require adenoidectomy primarily in children. When the obstruction is at the level of the throat amigadalotomía may require and / or uvulopatolatofaringoplastia. If the obstruction is at the level of the hypopharynx may require an advance of the muscles of the tongue or decrease the size of the tongue. When the cause of sleep apnea is morbidly obese, the surgery is not a treatment but a device called CPAP that allows air to enter the lungs forced to form and prevents the patient loses oxygen during sleep. Previously all the techniques that were made in the throat and mouth were very aggressive surgery, in pain and bleeding. Currently the RF allows us to perform many of these procedures in clinics almost painless. When you need to perform more extensive surgeries, these are performed in operating room and recovery is much more rapid and less uncomfortable. If you or your family we have breathing pauses you stop breathing during sleep, approach us, we are to serve

Neck tumor resection

If you have noticed a lump or abnormal growth or a node on his neck, it is very important that you consult your physician immediately. This may be the first sign of cancer. Most head and neck tumors can be successfully treated if detected early.

Nodules, cysts, laryngeal tumors

The surgeries done in the larynx for resection of benign or malignant lesions are very delicate surgeries performed under microscopic vision with very fine instruments that allow us to conserve as much of the normal functioning of the vocal cords and therefore the quality voice. Not all injuries can or should operate. Sometimes it is better to sacrifice the voice if it is to resect a malignant tumor often associated with smoking and intake of plenty of alcohol. However new laser techniques allow drying to malignant tumors with minimal damage.